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Whether you are an Ambassador presenting credentials to the President in the Oval Office, or are a visiting head of State touching all the power bases in town, I work very closely with Embassy staff, The Secret Service and The State Dept. Protocol Officer in charge of your event to ensure everything works smoothly.

 I was honored to be Mrs.Reagans personal Photographer when President and Mrs. Reagan were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

The former members of President Ronald Reagans Cabinet assembled at the Ronald Reagan Bldg. (where else?) immediately following the Funeral ceremony at Wash.Cathedral. All shots are important, but the chances of this group assembling again are near nill. I didn't sleep well the night before thinking about getting this right, because it had to be photographed from a great distance from the platform. The black chair represented President Reagan, at that time airborne to his final resting place. Ironically his good friend Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was photographed by me from the same balcony (Heritage Cover).

Over the years, I have photographed many events for the New Zealand Embassy. Once a year, I use my photographic talents and give something back. Ambassador Ferguson and Jason Frost are the major powers behind giving the Hyde School Rugby team their unwavering support. I am proud to be a sponsor as well as the official Photographer for this event. (I am not a sports Photographer, but I am learning) 

Ambassador's Shield

Photographer with Jorge Padron

This job being a Photographer is not always work, sometimes I get to have some fun with some important folks, here with Jorge Padron of Padron Cigars for the U.S.S.Sequoia/Padron/USMC Fundraiser-Great day!!

Recently, I was asked to do a couple promo shots for Ed Buckbee and Wally Schirra. They have collaborated on a new book "The Real Space Cowboys," this is a must-read for all Nasa/Space exploration fans. Had a great time with these gentlemen, especially hearing some stories that can't be printed. Hope to run into them again someday, so I can hear more. Prior to "shooting" these Gents, I had the pleasure of photographing and learning many things from Astronaut Photographer wanna be (photo errors on Moon) / and Fantastic Artist Alan L. Bean. Clicking below will take you to more info on these Nasa Heroes.

Ed Buckbee and Wally Schirra

http://www.alanbeangallery.com/ | www.wallyschirra.com

Available for Corporate awards, dinners, or as WUSA's Jan Fox, a photo for her Juvenile Diabetes Foundation promo.

One of my favorite things to " shoot " are corporate golf outings. In most cases, I can have the foursome (etc.) photos ready as the groups are heading for the "19th" hole. Yeah, that's OJ on the left. I was the last guy to photograph him for the Hertz Corp. This photo was taken three days before the murders in Calif., at Lansdowne in Leesburg, Va.

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